David VanDamme principal, grew up on a flue cured tobacco farm in the early 1970’s through the 80’s.  There he learned firsthand the dedication and appreciation for hard work that farming requires.  Growing tobacco is an “art” and attention to detail is everything.  After completing a degree at the University of Western Ontario, David returned home to operate the family farm until 2005 when the family exited the tobacco industry under a federal/provincial buyout.  In 2009 David attended the first ‘Growing Your Farm Profits’ workshop offered in Ontario at Ridgetown College, the University of Guelph.  Prior to this, David also grew 4000 poinsettias in his family greenhouses and owned and operated a self storage facility just outside of Bothwell, Ontario.

In 2009, David began work as an agricultural consultant specializing in grant writing and corporate ag administration while offering his services full time to a large vegetable operation  and later to an innovative greenhouse operation; both located in Chatham Kent.  For a brief time, David also worked in the accounting department for a large family run car dealership where he also provided grant services, but on a much more limited scale.

In 2014, David fulfilled a lifelong passion for politics by securing a seat as an elected representative to Chatham Kent council where he worked tirelessly for 4 years representing the people of East Kent as their councillor.  It is in this position that David began to understand the many fiscal challenges facing municipalities.

VanDamme continues to work in the agricultural industry meeting and working with farmers and business owners to this day.  It is his hope that within the next 5 years his sons will enter into the business to assist with the day to day operations both in and outside of grant writing under his parent company Triumph Plantations Limited.