Frequently Asked Questions


The first meeting generally lasts about an hour. If we can follow that meeting with a visual tour this helps out even more. After that, we keep in close contact with the owners to get any questions answered that we may have. We want our information to be current and correct.

Depending on the complexity of the grant the longest a grant writing application can take is one month. Simpler applications where payouts of $2500-$5000 are expected can take 2.5 hours to half a day.

For smaller grants under $5000.00 owners usually know well under a month upon application submission if they are successful. For grants $50-100,000.00 the process can be 2-3 months. For multimillion dollar grants the response period is generally half a year. This is very important in planning business ventures for your farm.

Each business is different and with so many different types of grants available we prefer to meet with our clients first. If we believe we have a good chance for success we then discuss fee structure which is largely commission based.

Patience is the key. As a valued partner who understands your business, we keep your operation at the forefront of funding announcements. If we learn of a grant that may benefit your operation we will get in touch with you to discuss and see what works. We also email our clients regularly on any new announcements just so nothing gets missed in terms of opportunity.